Remission – The Tether’s End

The Tether’s End
Self Released

Remission on Selective Memory

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The tumultuous and unforgiven geology of Australia can breed extreme and volatile music. However, a dominance to the Western coast of Australia, Perth is an important cultural destination; a metropolis that stands out as an urban monument of the country’s west coast. Outside the city, the dynamics of the country’s extremes give Remission the fuel to unleash a monstrous debut.

The suffocating song structures on The Tether’s End ignite a blistering inferno of extreme metal. The cavernous sound in “The Temple” provides a dynamic that is on the same level as bands like Black Dahlia Murder. “Black Scorched Earth” is a bare-bones metal slam that will satisfy the burliest of pit lovers.

Remission succumbs to the music as much as they are masters of it. “Forced Entropy” is pure death power where “Transcending Chaos” stinks with the intensity of thrash metal and burns fire with blistering guitar solos. For five minutes they waste no second filling in every sound level like a locomotive.

For a metal album that is 53 minutes, there is a lot going on with no filler. Each song takes to the extremes without meandering or sacrificing momentum. Adding Curt Everett (guitar) and Josh Vaile (bass and vocals) to the lineup originally consisting of Jacson Robb (vocals and guitar) and Lewis Oliver (drums) only intensified the dynamics of their music and add even more muscle to the album’s infrastructure.

Taking from the Northern European style and conforming it into an Aussie identity, The Tether’s End will impress those looking for a band to make a kick ass album. For a debut, they show off just how hungry they are and take the reign like they are seasoned metal monsters. If you are ready to enjoy the beat down and want an album you can dive into, The Tether’s End is for you.

Mother War
Submit to the Order
Black Scorched Earth
Like Tears In Rain
The Tether’s End
Transcending Chaos
Writing on the Wall
Forced Entropy
Architects of Oblivion
Breaking the Sun


Remission – The Tether’s End (Official Music Video)

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