Strip Nude for your Killer

Strip Nude For Your Killer

Arrow Video releases Andrea Bianchi’s thriller that goes beyond simple giallo formula

Strip Nude for your Killer on Selective Memory

Nude per l’assassino or Strip Nude For Your Killer was released in 1975 to combat the overarching giallo genre that filmmakers like Fulci, Argento, Bava, and others defined in the early ‘70s. Bianchi took the giallo formula and brought in elements from other styles to expand the flavor of Italian cinematography. What Bianchi did was set the stage for the American slasher film.

Strip Nude For Your Killer The Arrow Story

Whereas this giallo plays into a weird sexual spiral of sadistic strangeness, the film starts with a backstreet abortion-turned arthouse dream state. The abortion goes awry and the body of a fashion model is disposed. The abortionist is then attacked by our villain the killer, who shows up throughout the film wearing nothing but black racing leathers and a motorcycle helmet. The outfit bears resemblance to Neon Indian’s fictitious “Slumlord.”

Edwige Fenich stars in this film as a glorified version of herself portraying Madge, a fashion photographer. At this stage, the level of her career positions her to create an environment that portrays the celebrity-ness she sees her own self. Gone is the hunger and estranged mystery coming from those big eyes that stared holes through you on All The Colours of the Dark. Her role in Strip Nude For Your Killer, makes her vanity seem better fitting for an Ian Fleming novel, not the paranoiac foggy atmosphere giallo does so well to excel in. I have to profess anything Fenich is generally liberating, this time persevering over a male chauvinistic-dominated script.

Strip Nude for Your Killer 33mm Trailer

The beauty of this film is the Euro art it creates. Our villain is no more than a glorified cartoon, adorned in costume. The grudge is obvious. It’s a fun film at face value. Not even its skin-flick status counterbalances the films blandness in comparison. Catering to generally poor reviews throughout the years, the reason to favor the Arrow edition is none more than historical. The interviews with cast and crew members, the restoration, and the preservation of the soundtrack are counteract the film’s critical frown. Giallo fans rejoice. Those who are here to understand what giallo is need to back up a few years.

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