Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse album cover by Eugene McDaniels

Eugene McDaniels Rebellion Reissued

Fifty years later, Eugene McDaniels psychedelic soul-jazz awareness release, Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse, is more relevant than ever Link: Real Gone Music The year 1971 was a powder keg for social and political issues surrounded by the fact checkers of pop culture. Music had become more of an awareness … Read More ›

A Bay of Blood Film Poster

The Dark and Depraved: A Bay Of Blood

A Bay of Blood [1971] Directed by: Mario Bava Link: IMDB Mario Bava knows how to pull every emotion out of the viewer to create a rollercoaster of emotions that is as genius and exquisite an approach to the 1970s horror genre. A Bay of Blood is fucking depressing. Stelvio … Read More ›

Willie Dynamite on Selective Memory

Competition and Entrepreneurship in Willie Dynamite

Arrow Video Releases Willie Dynamite for the first time on Blu-Ray 1974 is the apex of the Blaxploitation genre. At this point, the genre had grown and expanded from defining the movement and the atypical action plot synopsis to more versatile mediums like horror and psychedelic filmmaking. Yet, grimey action … Read More ›