We Fall Album Cover by Josephine Wiggs

Album Review: Josephine Wiggs – We Fall

Josephine Wiggs We Fall The Sound of Sinners ★★★ The event that Josephine Wigg’s solo album is a work of ambient texturing came as a surprise. An essential member of the ‘90s eclectic alt-rock band The Breeders, Wiggs has defied genre, pushing past boundaries and convention. Yet traversing into a … Read More ›

High Tides on Selective Memory

Album Review: High Tides – Paradise Daze

High Tides Paradise Daze Rad Cult ★★★★★ Warren Kroll and Steven Lutes return to bring us the warm utopia of Paradise Daze. The duo have loaded up on Vitamin D as they drift with a translucent electronic Shangri-La. It’s like dropping acid inside a shell shop on the coast while … Read More ›

Who's The Dreamer? Album Cover by Gandalf's Owl

Album Review: Gandalf’s Owl – Who’s The Dreamer?

Gandalf’s Owl Who’s The Dreamer? Club Inferno Ent. ★★★ Gandolfo Ferro is a musical explorer. From his work with The Opera and Heimdall, his self-assurance for experimentation always stands out. As Gandalf’s Owl, he can stretch across landscapes and moods to create paintings of gentle contemplation or tormented isolation. Who’s … Read More ›

Dionysus Album Cover by Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance – Dionysus

Dead Can Dance Dionysus [PIAS] Recordings ★★★★★ It did not take as long between the release of Anastasis and Dionysus as it did between Anastasis and Spiritchaser. Yet, it has felt like a lifetime since we have been graced with new Dead Can Dance music. But a lifetime is worth … Read More ›