Failure to Thrive album cover by Cazador

Album Review: Cazador – Failure To Thrive

Cazador Failure to Thrive Independent ★★★★ Failure to Thrive lies on the outskirts of the genre. Not fitting in with the doom metal construct because of the saturation of melody and texture, but appealing to the addicts who love their sonic bursts of concrete ripple. Cazador has placed us in … Read More ›

Sunset Album Cover by Christopher Willits

Album Review: Christopher Willits – Sunset

Christopher Willits Sunset Ghostly International ★★★★ “Look at that sunset!” When we are impelled upon a glorious sunset, everyone wants to announce it, document it, and revel in its glory. It’s the finale of nature’s fireworks before the calm of the night sky takes over. Through social media and in … Read More ›

We Fall Album Cover by Josephine Wiggs

Album Review: Josephine Wiggs – We Fall

Josephine Wiggs We Fall The Sound of Sinners ★★★ The event that Josephine Wigg’s solo album is a work of ambient texturing came as a surprise. An essential member of the ‘90s eclectic alt-rock band The Breeders, Wiggs has defied genre, pushing past boundaries and convention. Yet traversing into a … Read More ›

Yves Malone on Selective Memory

Yves Malone – Beyond the Before (Album Review)

Yves Malone Beyond the Before Never Anything Recs Links: Official Site | Bandcamp Yves Malone is at it again, this time skipping through time and space to end up with a futuristic soundtrack that is an ambient-synth delicacy. Beyond the Before takes us on a synthetic journey to an analog … Read More ›

High Tides on Selective Memory

Album Review: High Tides – Paradise Daze

High Tides Paradise Daze Rad Cult ★★★★★ Warren Kroll and Steven Lutes return to bring us the warm utopia of Paradise Daze. The duo have loaded up on Vitamin D as they drift with a translucent electronic Shangri-La. It’s like dropping acid inside a shell shop on the coast while … Read More ›

Who's The Dreamer? Album Cover by Gandalf's Owl

Album Review: Gandalf’s Owl – Who’s The Dreamer?

Gandalf’s Owl Who’s The Dreamer? Club Inferno Ent. ★★★ Gandolfo Ferro is a musical explorer. From his work with The Opera and Heimdall, his self-assurance for experimentation always stands out. As Gandalf’s Owl, he can stretch across landscapes and moods to create paintings of gentle contemplation or tormented isolation. Who’s … Read More ›

Dionysus Album Cover by Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance – Dionysus

Dead Can Dance Dionysus [PIAS] Recordings ★★★★★ It did not take as long between the release of Anastasis and Dionysus as it did between Anastasis and Spiritchaser. Yet, it has felt like a lifetime since we have been graced with new Dead Can Dance music. But a lifetime is worth … Read More ›