A Deeper Cut Album Cover by The Temperance Movement

The Temperance Movement – A Deeper Cut

The Temperance Movement
A Deeper Cut
Spinefarm Records

There is something within The Temperance Movement that seems all too familiar, but let’s lay down the context for what goes into a great rock album. The musicianship is obvious. The chops has to be there, compelling us to take notice. Beyond that is charisma. This is something that cannot be fabricated and is so important to success. Charisma is churned and ripped out from the soul. Once it is animated, rock and roll becomes something otherworldly. That is when you become mesmerized. Rock music has standards that are impossible to ignore. It’s how you treat these standards that make or break an album like A Deeper Cut.

Their third release, the band’s goal was to go in and write an album that had heart and soul. What we have is a road journal filled with danger and a proverbial train speeding out of control. That is what stopped me in my tracks after launching into “Caught in the Middle.” This is not your ordinary rock album. From the emotion that comes out of Phil Campbell’s voice down to the core foundation of musical integrity, the bouncy beats utilized as a spark set this band to life. The guitars are their to strengthen the cause. It’s a song that deservedly should be at the forefront of this album.

The Temperance Movement – Caught in the Middle

Their previous foray with band difficulties, losing key members, and personal problems—Phil Campbell’s slide back into an old booze and drug habit—caused them to almost implode just as they were getting popular. But defiance played a key role into the energy and power that makes such a strong presents in these songs.

“Love and Devotion” gives us a hip-shaking diary. It’s a thunderous testament to humanity emanating from a personal need for direction and clarity. “All my love and devotion, I won’t stop. I won’t stop until I get through to you.” The title track ballad that follows shows off the scars in the most humble of rock balladry.

The album splices together all the pieces of albums that I define as great rock albums like Aerosmith’s Get Your Wings or early Van Halen. “Beast Nation” is that boozy sway that turns each member into superheroes. These are our new heroes as they lay everything down on the line with this song. With that gorgeous melody and heart stopping key change. This is rock ecstacy.

A Deeper Cut is an album The Black Crowes only wished they wrote. It also serves as a pinnacle for The Temperance Movement. If this album does not explode into the conscience of every rock fan, then rock and roll is truly dead.

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