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The Umbrellas Release Debut Album (Album Review)

The Umbrellas
The Umbrellas
Slumberland Records

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Embedded into the psyche of the late 1990s, I had a deep admiration for the indie pop scene and enamored by its glowing sensibilities. The West Coast sound and Washington state aura permeated the moment and became an addiction that grappled on to a musical innocence. That early fall moment when the air seems to be just a little more brisk, and you could meander aimlessly down streets getting lost in your own thoughts; the glow of sparkling underground pop was always heartfelt and melancholy. San Francisco’s The Umbrellas and their sound brings back that comfort and simplicity in sound with beautiful reactions.

This band takes me back to a time of innocence and reserve. To enjoy a quiet walk or bedroom performance on a rainy day, this is why I gravitate to a sound like this debut album. More so than jumping back in time to the originators and their influences (The Byrds, Orange Juice, The Pastels) the band’s braven honesty in the recordings is what makes it for me. Their organic attempt at being expressive without fully flushing out the blemishes is what makes songs like “Autumn” and “She Buys Herself Flowers” delightful.

The music stems back from my infatuation with bands from The Church and Jesus and Mary Chain’s Darklands to the K Records scene. Through this debut, I can latch on to that same feeling and subconsciously wrap myself up in this musical comfort blanket.

Track List:

1. Lonely
2. Near You
3. Autumn
4. Happy
5. It’s True
6. She Buys Herself Flowers
7. Pictures
8. Galine
9. Never Available
10. Summer
11. City Song
12. A.M.

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