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Tunng – Songs You Make At Night

Songs You Make At Night
Full Time Hobby

Sometimes, in order to feel like it’s right, you have to go back to the origin and re-examine your being. For Tunng, they brought back their original line up and Songs You Make At Night stems from these primary sources. Sam Genders and Mike Lindsay return since 2007’s Good Arrows. Was it because they have drifted away with something like “It Breaks” from 2010’s …And Then We Saw Land, or “Trip Trap” off of 2013’s Tourbines? Was it because the opportunity was right as the two fell into side projects and other opportunities?

“There was a real magic in the early records that we all wanted to capture again in this one,” Lindsay said.

Let’s not deny that the albums between 2007 and now were good, keeping the momentum of their experimental values going. Yet, what Lindsay defines as “magic” is on a more personal level, reuniting friends together again to capture that moment. And Songs You Make At Night is indeed a moment. And that magic shines through in the beauty of this album. This album brings back to light the mysticism of better blending human-electronic elements to a heightened level. It is foundational with this group, and a sound no one else can capture.

Tunng – ABOP

We can find parallels with bands like Stereolab on “ABOP” or American Analog Set in “Dream In.” But nowhere can we point fingers at the relationship. Tunng is psychedelic without being expressingly so. They build pop fantasies without going overboard. There is folk meanderings creating a mist that wraps around the song “Sleepwalking.” The gentle spirit escalates into an after hours dance floor memory. The harmonies only add a new level of texture to it all.

As this album progresses, so do your perception. “Nobody Here” is an accolade. The way they exploit anticipation as layers are built on top of each other is brilliant. Everything flows together well. I never want this moment to stop.

Songs You Make At Night is a glorious achievement of time and motion. The way each of these songs fall into one another is a grandiose celebration, giving the listener a journey well worth taking or re-visiting.

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