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Wolvhammer–Clawing Into Black Sun (Album Review)

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Clawing Into Black Sun
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You realize you can control it all? The universe? Your destiny? The psyche in your own mind? Who gives a shit about reality and the things that are around it, you can move mountains and crawl through the muck. It’s that moment when you have been jostled about in a horrid and contorted brutality of a pit while a band pushes the intensity further, but then realize this is all controlled chaos. You are a community with the same vision, the same purpose, and that is to explode from the oppression that binds you down.

You think that a band like Wolvhammer is pushing you toward destruction, but what Clawing Into Black Sun really is doing is giving you the means to free yourself. “The Silver Key” is the gateway. The opener is nothing crushing, but it is a song that feeds upon itself based upon unity. The masses will be glorified by the light of these power chords. After a steady burst in 2010-11, the band just sputtered with a couple of splits. It’s nice to see the Minneapolis band back in full force.

Even into “Lethe,” their experimental values persist and add texture until finally the third song opens up the gates for pure asskicking death fury. What “Death Division” does is show us how much restraint this Midwestern band finds important, thus stripping away extremism and using control to give us a blinding view of what death metal should be, pure power that illuminates the listener. It’s that moment you find a smile on your face because you just approved the chugging power riffs that churn the machine on “Slaves To The Grime.” It’s that moment you don’t have to worry about that shitty job you have to go to day in and day out.

This is your world now and “A Light That Doesn’t Yield” is your mantra. The outstretched epic explodes one crushing chord after another, parting the Red Sea. Get lost in its alternate reality. Create your own adventure because without a doubt, Clawing Into Black Sun will be your roadmap.

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