Meat Mountain Album Cover by A Lull

Album Review: A Lull – Meat Mountain

A Lull
Meat Mountain
Mush Records

a lull on selective memory

When all of the components fit into place, you can have a sedimentary release that will blow your mind. For A Lull’s Meat Mountain, the music goes in and out of consciousness. The band captures the collective of the five piece band when they are wigging out like on “Summer Dress.” But when they put on their Beach Boys faces on the appropriately titled “Beaches,” it conforms to a strange transition. The surreal sun lit sound gives a visual picture, but you spend too much time wanting to know where the band is going than that they want to focus on the moment.

And it makes things seem all that more bizarre when they explode into this tribal orgy with “Still Got Pull.” I cannot say that I can take anything from this besides random patterns and noises.

I appreciate their vision of trying to challenge their sound. “Not About It” does it best. A nice complement of them pushing the envelope while my idea of the soothing mind-altering conception beautifully blends into one. But that’s about it. One song spun on a loop is all I can really get out of this.


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