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Album Review: Adimiron – Timelapse

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Admiron on Selective Memory

European metal group Adimiron is taking off with the help of Timelapse, their monstrous new release. For US fans, this means a greater presence that brings the best in articulated guitar wizardry. Timelapse is confident within a driven metal landscape that grounds itself as a progressive force.

Let’s look at the title track. The song compares to Pantera influenced by someone like Tangerine Dream . . . or Voivod . . . or Treponem Pal. In the unforgiving maelstrom of “The Burning of Methuselah,” the brutality is real. A melee of time signatures and chord progressions are not to be glossed over. Technicality exists without being scarred by the process of technicalities. It helps that the vocals bring a human mortality to the song and a complex realism. Maybe all of those late ‘90s doom bands were on to something after all.

Adimiron – “State of Persistence” Official Video

“Liar’s Paradox” gives us hope for their technical metal presence. The tempo pushes to its angular limits, and the guitar solo stretches out with jazz-like precision. The bounce between intimate vocal prowess and its effects are similar to the way Mike Patton tries to serenade you and then erupt into pure muscular cacophony. It’s perversion and defiance, all wrapped into one.

There is not a song you find without some off-kilter strategy to improve on the state of metal. This is not your normal screamfest, it’s a battle between the muscle of the song and the ego of its composition.

Timelapse does not define a movement in the way At The Gates did for the Gothenburg scene. But what this album does is create an environment for technical metal to thrive on. Admiron is that petrie dish for all of us to suck up and become infected by their sick musical talents.

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