alma construct on selective memory

Alma Construct – Alma Construct EP Review

Alma Construct – Alma Construct EP (R and S Records)

alma construct on selective memory

Josh Thompson’s debut EP is not your typical analog rehashing. The 19 year old creates an electronic landscape as diverse as you can imagine within the confines of his own technology.

“Deer Drink From the River” takes more from the New York No Wave scene than it does the analog resurgence. Trading in frequency for pure analog swells, You feel the effect of its experimentation, but the ‘70s realization really hits the spot.

Alma Construct – On The Edge Surrounded With the Shores of Assudrey

Don’t get comfortable here because “Dialectic” and “Dialectic B” are hallucinatory auditory signals in the same construct as early Cabaret Voltaire. The soundscope within both versions are an expansive trip of strange unfound sounds taken from things that seem familiar. It’s that combination that makes these two songs feel intriguing while being somewhat frightening.

“Imagine Them” gives us a glimpse into a re-imagined ‘80s film soundtrack taken from Thompson’s love of La Planète Sauvage. It’s the most illustrious song from Thompson’s small resume.

His finale “On The Edge, Surrounded With The Shores Of Assudrey” is the least impressive. Trying to give science fiction a downtempo feel with krautrock abilities does not prove exciting from the strange and surreal moments of the rest. Stick to the bizarre and Thompson will be eccentric.

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