Atlas Losing Grip on Selective Memory

Atlas Losing Grip – Currents Review

Atlas Losing Grip – Currents (Creative Destructor)

Atlas Losing Grip on Selective Memory

Atlas Losing Grip returns for their third release and a dense one at that. Currents is intense. The intensity lies in the deepness in a way Atlas Losing Grip explores. This is one of the more philosophical punk albums I have heard yet.

Imploring metal influence into their pop punk demeanor, there are layers of sound and texture that flows throughout these songs. “Sinking Ship” is our first glimpse and it powers through an intro much like a Judas Priest entrance. And then the speed comes in and the drums transcend boundaries. A post six minute song will tell you this is no ordinary punk band. And looking what is to come is even more illusionary.

“The Curse” is more of a great rock song than it is a punk song, but damn is it infectious. Rodrigo Alfaro makes it sound so easy. His vocal style really carries the song along. And here and “Cynosure” is where we get the more punk-like attitude. Alfaro talks about a rocky family relationship in “The Curse” and “Cynosure” balances an act between a Bad Religion cry for change and The Alarm’s battle cry for change.

Atlas Losing Grip

Atlas Losing Grip on Selective Memory

Much like “Sinking Ships,” “Nemesis” does it twice as hard. The chord progression with the song is fast and furious while Alfaro maintains a grip on it all with strong vocals. Those notes, they do soar.

We take a left turn and the band explores a ballad of sorts within “Kings And Fools.” It’s a really heartfelt exploration taking the band to new levels of expression. I’m not sure if it is as effective as the band wants it to be, but it does fit into the album. Then there is “Ithaka,” the mother of all Atlas Losing Grip songs. It’s over 11 minutes and the first six minutes showcases the band’s talent and musical ability that is far-reaching for themselves. A quick blast of silence and an acoustic number fades us out of the album.

What Currents does for us is provide an experience. With the saturation of EPs and singles, it makes us believe in the long player again. Listen to this album from front to back. There is no other way to really enjoy what Atlas Losing Grip is trying to convey. It may just be one of the best punk albums you buy this year.

Atlas Losing Grip – Kings and Fools (Official Video)

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