Metal Misanthrope Album Cover by Broken Cross

Broken Cross – Militant Misanthrope

Broken Cross
Militant Misanthrope

I am confused. This combination of metal and hardcore should not work out with this benefit. Yet, Broken Cross have found a way to weld these elements together and seamlessly make it click.

Militant Misanthrope defies genre convention, blending in classic metal with modern metal prowess and New York-style hardcore. Sprinkle in West Coast thrash and this gives you an idea of the band’s formula. The quirky thing is that they are neither East or West Coast staples. This band hails from Sweden and their sophomore release could not be farther from the source.

We get to experience a well-produced machine that sounds elaborate compared to their debut. I am impressed with the way they have brought out classic guitar metal riffs and blend in surging thrash and raucous hardcore. You can feel the energy of this trifecta that encompases you in the way this kind of music should—dangerous.

The Maiden-esque dual guitars on “C.O.T.E.” that burns into a fiery solo is our first indication. They jump into Agnostic Front territory on the title track and could easily launch into Motley Crue’s “Looks That Kill” before it is all over. The background howling linking us to the cover drawings inspired by the 1980s/90s anime style and werewolf folklore, created by Dwid Hellion.

I am not writing this to point extrapolate the idea of ego finger pointing. However, it is apparent where the influences seem to stem from. It’s not all name dropping. Broken Cross launches into a powerhouse rager with “Sacred Sacrifice.” Then “Wind Assassin” launches into what I would categorize as anthemic Broken Cross.

Look at this album how you will but in its entirety, Militant Misanthrope is a well conceived beast that you cannot live without.

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