Lightning Strikes Twice by Decarlo

Decarlo – Lightning Strikes Twice

Lightning Strikes Twice
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Decarlo on Selective Memory

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Tommy Decarlo has been aboard the Boston ship since 2007, performing some of rock’s most iconic songs. Learning from the best musicians in the world, Decarlo spent his downtime crafting an identity for his sole enjoyment and pushing the limits just to see where his personalized work would take him. His influence in the band naturally leaked into the aura of Decarlo’s debut album.

Teaming up with his son Tommy Decarlo, Jr., drummer Dan Hitz, and bassist Brett Nelson, Lightning Strikes Twice has a sincere modesty to it. Where the sparks originate, it burns bright from the electricity of rock’s golden years. Now standing in the limelight, Frontiers gave Decarlo the avenue to show it off.

Songs like “Rock and Roll” and the title track show off their strut without the sonics that usually surround potential rock divergences like this. “Let the music take control,” Decarlo sings on the title track through seasoned rock poise. It’s that invitation to shoot off into the stars.

“Still In Love” reminds me of Orleans’s “Still the One.” You can, to an extent, switch the two around and come up with something remotely similar. Decarlo’s ballad is more intricate, fueled by timeless AOR fantasy without being chincy. Another addition to the roster of ballads comes from “The One.” The song beckons the best in melodic rock fanfare.

“I Think I Fell In Love With You” is more power pop than coastal classicism. It’s flattering to hear Decarlo pull off their best Cheap Trick. It’s that golden hour of rock and roll that we consistently look back to for that spark of good times and humble escapism.

Decarlo – Lightning Strikes Twice (Official Music Video)

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