Rebirth By Blasphemy by Midnight

Midnight – Rebirth By Blasphemy

Rebirth By Blasphemy
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The concept of Rebirth By Blasphemy started out to be a positive album. But by the time Athenar got to the title track, it all went downhill. His view about people is that they are still shit and the negativeness in the lyrics poses a gagging sneer to humanity via bulbous punk riffs and metal grit.

The new album from Athenar gives a raw viscosity in the vein of G.G. Allin with sadistic hardcore from “Devil’s Escrement” to the catchy danger trip of “Raw Attack.” In regards to teh album, Athenar explains, “”I think there’s really no production value on the album, it’s really just get in there, press record and see what happens.”

That in-the-moment is what makes Rebirth By Blasphemy powerful and aggressive, mistakes and all. Anything more would make this album a polished turd. Yet the quickness in these recordings only give the songs a greater presence of danger, something punk music desperately needs to be effective.

Despite Midnight’s fire poker attitude, turning a fireball into something catchy is Athenar’s unicorn. “Rising Scum” is primitive in rhythmic structure that it sucks you in. The structure beckons a mixture between early Judas Priest and The Misfits. You cannot help but get sucked into the pulsation of the song along with its aggressive tendencies.

Midnight calls this album a rebirth. I call it an explosion of talent to give birth to one of their greatest albums yet. This album is a monster that throws all reservations out the fucking window. Midnight may do whatever they want, and you will be glad that they did. What a refreshing philosophy to abide.

Midnight – Rising Scum (Official Video)

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