Diamante Grabs the American Dream by the Horns with Sophomore Album

Diamante on Selective Memory
American Dream

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What does the American dream look like to you? Is it surrounded by rose-colored glasses? Is it luck for the chosen few? Or, is it a gritty turbulence that rises up, catches you off guard, knocks you down, and builds you back up again. That is the American dream Diamante describes. On her latest album, she creates a powerful montage of American life through realism and vicious truths.

Utilizing pop construction as her basis, she accents catchiness with brazen hard rock. Her vocals are the hero here. On “Unfuck You,” you can equally bounce around to its perkiness as easily as being punched in the face through her razor sharp songwriting. Two elements that make for a memorable song.

“With American Dream, I was given the ultimate artistic freedom to express my most personal moments, stories, confessions, flaws, fears, hopes, mistakes, desires, vices, heartaches, and redemption in a way I have never been able to in the past,” Diamante says.

Having the Sunset Strip sleaze amongst the background of her rock flavor, Diamante blows it all up in a glorious moment that began with her debut, Coming In Hot.

American Dream takes from the debut’s experience and builds on it, utilizing a stronger approach in the studio. The self-titled opener is a raucous moment that sets the stage for a kick ass rock and roll romp. “Obvious” offers two versions, a power rocker that amplifies the sonics. The other end of the spectrum is the acoustic version at the end, making the song seem more confident in its sincerity.

The sophomore album is always the one that gets put under a magnifying glass. Diamante proves that she can excel beyond the demands of hard rock criticism and produce a damn fine release.


American Dream
Ghost Myself
Serves You Right
Wake Up Call
Unfuck Yourself
I Love Myself For Hating You
Obvious (Acoustic)
Diamante on Selective Memory

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