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Save The World Pushes Hard Rock Limits

Save The World
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With their debut album, One, Save The World implants themselves in the hard rock sphere as being a confident force of positive energy that encapsulates strong songwriting and powerful musicianship. Together, this trio pushes forward with a new level of energy on Two.

Consisting of Dan Tracey (vocals, guitars and percussion) and Robert Writings (drums, bass, synths, backing vocals and strings), the two create a sound full bands wish they could emanate.

With Two, they have taken the foundation work from One and expanded on a developed style to challenge their own hard rock consistency. What results is something far greater than the journey they set out to make.

A spectacular achievement!

They use effects to their advantage and “Defenders of the Faith” benefits from it. The exploratory build up burns into a hard rock rager that expounds serious muscle in their riffage. Dan Tracey’s vocal range is enticing and a thrill to hear. Together, they take us to a place that imagination can only illuminate.

“When Amanda Hits the Stage” is a personal delight. I love how this song is pieced together and the power that comes from it. The song contains a perfect tempo powered by Writing’s glorious bass work. When that chorus drops, it’s explosive. Save The World gives you the capability to soar in the glory of decadence. I cannot get enough of this musical enlightenment.

Save The Day does not stay grounded in textbook hard rock prose, they utilize modern styles to accentuate their own definitions. “Automation” is proof of that, and it works without being chintzy or superficial. Two is hard rock’s savior, and an album that we need. A spectacular achievement!



Camera Obscura
Miss Muse
Defenders Of The Faith
Daphne Blue
When Amanda Hits The Stage
Man On An Island
Denslow Park
Who’s That Girl

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