Come One Come All Album Cover by Circus of Rock

Circus of Rock: Come One Come All (Album Review)

Circus of Rock Come One, Come All Frontiers s.r.l. Links: Official Site | Facebook Mirka Rantanen has a gigantic vision. The King Company drummer wanted to create this cumulative project that features a monster rock of talent to fit on a singular album. Circus of Rock was born and now Come … Read More ›

Rock 'n' Roll Glitter Suit Album Cover by Velvet Insane

Velvet Insane: Rock ‘n’ Roll Glitter Suit (Album Review)

Velvet Insane Rock ‘n’ Roll Glitter Suit Sound Pollution Links: Facebook | Instagram The Hollywood Hills. Long hair flowing while rolling down Peralta style on skateboards. Cruising. Drifting. Purring Harley’s moving through the mountainside. The zen of carving the curvature of the roads. Nods and smiles all the way. For … Read More ›

Two Album Cover by Save The World

Save The World Pushes Hard Rock Limits

Save The World Two Frontiers Music s.r.l. Links: Official Site | Frontiers Music s.r.l. With their debut album, One, Save The World implants themselves in the hard rock sphere as being a confident force of positive energy that encapsulates strong songwriting and powerful musicianship. Together, this trio pushes forward with … Read More ›

Fair Warning Album Cover

Van Halen at a Crossroads and 1981’s Fair Warning

In 1981, Van Halen Gave Us Fair Warning It’s been touted as a fan favorite. It also has been considered an under-conceptualized album by critics and many in the hard rock populous. What is Van Halen’s Fair Warning to the Van Halen universe? Statistically, it is the only Van Halen … Read More ›

Clutch Weathermaker Vault Series

Clutch—The Weathermaker Vault Series, Vol. 1

Clutch fans have another reason to fuel their addiction. Clutch The Weathermaker Vault Series, Volume 1 Weathermaker Music Link: Official Site The summer of 2019 saw a deeper level of fan outreach from the Maryland heavy hitters as they launched a new music series titled The Weathermaker Vault Series. Every … Read More ›

Silver Bullets Album Cover by Def Con Sound System

Def Con Sound System

Ten Years in the Making, Silver Bullets is Adam Sewell’s Magnum Opus [Links: Bandcamp | Facebook] For Adam Sewell, this day has been a long time coming. The award-winning Canadian musician who spent most of the 1990s fronting Monster Voodoo Machine consumed the last 10 years crafting an album that … Read More ›

Bravo Delta on Selective Memory

Album Review: Bravo Delta – Unbreakable

Bravo Delta Unbreakable Independent ★★★★ When guitarist Andy Ingraham revs it up with a tinted echo in his finger tapping, you immediately recognize that Bravo Delta’s latest album Unbreakable is an ear opener. The Las Vegas band has taken the strength of vibrant urban extravagance and channeled it into 13 … Read More ›