Rock 'n' Roll Glitter Suit Album Cover by Velvet Insane

Velvet Insane: Rock ‘n’ Roll Glitter Suit (Album Review)

Rock 'n' Roll Glitter Suit Album Cover by Velvet Insane

Velvet Insane
Rock ‘n’ Roll Glitter Suit
Sound Pollution

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The Hollywood Hills. Long hair flowing while rolling down Peralta style on skateboards. Cruising. Drifting. Purring Harley’s moving through the mountainside. The zen of carving the curvature of the roads. Nods and smiles all the way. For a hot second, this is utopia. Either escape you want to envision, Velvet Insane’s “Driving Down The Mountain” is the perfect rock and roll euphoria. It’s a statement for camaraderie with buddies and a blueprint notched with good times. To accentuate that 1980s underdog emotion, “Backstreet Liberace” raises the confidence level of rock and roll into the mindset that everyone can be someone and the backstreets are our escape. Velvet Insane’s sophomore release is off to a smashing start.

What the band does well is transform into a glam-rock juggernaut that builds on Cheap Trick and T Rex antics while not restricting themselves to the styles of the times. Jesper Lindgren finds vision in these kinds of seminal artists and puts them into Velvet Insane’s own vision. Sometimes it smells like the Sunset Strip (“Riding The Skyways”) and sometimes it feels like the gritty London art rock movement of the 1970s (“Velvet Tongue”).

There is sincerity in the pulsating “Jaded Eyes” and a moment to really hone in on the group’s strengths. You can almost picture this song hitting Little Steven’s Underground airwaves. And to push the balladry, “Midnight Summer Serenade” gives that blanket statement to all rock albums before the finale. “Space Age DJ” is that power rock punch. It’s sassy and feels like a rock and roll celebration. The big horns really amplifies the sound’s aesthetic making this the best feeling you will get on the album.

Growing from their debut release and building up from a lineup change, Rock ‘n’ Roll Glitter Suit is a grandiose second full release from a band who has intently studied the genre.

Velvet Insane—Sound of Sirens Music Video


1. Driving Down The Mountain
2. Backstreet Liberace
3. Jaded Eyes
4. Velvet Tounge
5. Sound Of Sirens
6. Riding The Skyways
7. Spin On Crazy Moon
8. Sailing On A Thunderstorm
9. Midnight Sunshine Serenade
10. Space Age DJ
11. You’re The Revolution

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