On A Moonlit Night Album Cover by Vandor

Vandor: On A Moonlit Night (Album Review)

On A Moonlit Night Album Cover by Vandor

On A Moonlit Night
Scarlet Records

When I first experienced Iron Maiden’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” the epic journey was a seafaring mental rollercoaster that became a blow to the attention span. It could have been that drawn-out side thought in the middle of the song, fueled by the bogged down basslines. When the song came up for rotation, sincere preparation was involved. It was my first real experience with an expansive song. But the song was the first noticeable experience where I realized that atmosphere became just as important as technicality. The band painted the landscape and mystery through composition.

Vandor’s On A Moonlit Night takes the same approach but instead of a boat ride through the underworld, the band soars through the night sky painting a picture of valor and strength.

“The Sword To End All Wars” is almost twenty minutes long. It’s a doozy and something that cannot be taken lightly. As you experience the parts and emotion that come together, it’s apparent that Vandor are professionals at composition, even as this sophomore album takes form. You feel’s Bowie’s out of space influence intermingled with symphonic metal and prog rock swirling around a powerful metal stratosphere. Although there are no real surprises here, the song is interesting in process and thrilling through execution.

The song lies towards the end of the album. Hugging around the song is the choral mass of “Fate of Eltoria” powered by double-pumped kick drums. On the other side is the title track, a fireside ballad. The song is more contemplative than raising a goble high from the victory of their eighteen-minute epic prior.

I cannot say Vandor claims victory throughout the entire album, but their songs are worthy of your attention span and when the band takes chances within their music, it’s worth it because that is where they excel.

Vandor—Fate of Eltoria (Official Video)


1. …Darkness Looms
2. Mountains of Avagale
3. River of Life
4. Endless Sea
5. Future to Behold
6. Fate of Ultra
7. The Sword to End All Wars
8. On a Moonlit Night 3:25
9. Enter Twilight (Bonus Track)

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