Full Nelson album cover from Massive Wagons

Massive Wagons – Full Nelson

Massive Wagons
Full Nelson
Earache Records

Massive Wagons’ newest release is a homage. On one level it’s a homage to rock and roll.

Almost 10 years in the business, it’s a good thing when I say Full Nelson surprises me. When I first caught glimpse of the video for “Ratio,” I questioned why they picked that song to be the album’s representative. Comparatively, it is the more monotonous song on their roster. When I put on “Back To The Stack,” there is nothing better to do than turn up this rocker. And then there is “China Plates.” The chorus of this song cranks Massive Wagons levels to the fullest. When Baz Mills’ vocals cannot take the song any further, the band picks up from there creating an amazing balance of continuity. They mingle classic rock with metal and power punk so well. This is their charm.

Massive Wagons – Ratio

On another level, Full Nelsonm is a homage to life. With the songs “Billy Balloonhead” and “Robot (Trust in Me),” they use the platform to contradict the benefits of social media while attacking intolerance and various -isms.

And on another level, there is a homage to their personal lives. They don’t do it often but “Northern Boy” is one of their more personal moments with lyrical celebration of their home town of Lancaster, England. The band’s goal is to write lyrics people can relate to, and this song acts more universal from an outside perspective than isolated. Baz adds in a personal thanks to his parents and their guidance, pulling deeper at the heart strings.

Full Nelson is a glorious rock and roll achievement, bending the typical rock fodder into something rich and fascinating.

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