PJ O'Conner

Music Video: P.J. O’Conner—Indecisive Moon

New York singer-songwriter P.J. O’Connor releases video in anticipation for debut in October

PJ O’Connor—Indecisive Moon Music Video

I have always been entranced with the album cover to Frank Sinatra’s In The Wee Small Hours. The loneliness that engulfs the drawing of Sinatra contemplatively looking down while holding a smoldering cigarette is hypnotically beautiful while maintaining a sense of detachment to the soul. What is he thinking about? Is Sinatra acting as a mirror to the mood of the city?  The dim blues and haunting glow of the street lamps are humanistically unnerving. Sinatra could be me.

That can also be said of the pandemic and life under quarantine. PJ O’Connor filmed his perception of life as a musician in New York City during COVID. Living away from a metropolitan environment, it’s something that is detached to my everyday livelihood, yet close enough and entrancing to gaze upon his  perspective.

The isolation surrounded by shuttered stores and bars, lonely streets, and a means for output with no tangible reaction, Indecisive Moon is a very real perception. It also demonstrates New York City’s deviance as an urban culture.

’Indecisive Moon’ is a love song to New York City,” he said. “But things feel different now, in the midst of Covid-19. Fear, uncertainty, and even mortality have temporarily made this Superman of a city into just another Clark Kent,” he states. “The chorus of, ‘may the lights of New York City shine on me wherever I go’ is a prayer of sorts. It’s a prayer that Gotham will inevitably get up off the mat and rise again.”

As the video progresses, O’Connor seems hopeful, confidently churning out his passion to create music as a monument of devotion and defiance.

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