3Teeth album cover

Album Review: 3Teeth

3Teeth—3Teeth AOF165 Link: Bandcamp Los Angeles—a wasteland of sleazy noir, broken dreams, and surrealistic strangeness. Wrap your brain around these agoraphobic after hours of plastic numbness, and it seems like a perfect place for a band like 3Teeth to manifest. Tinted in the Euro lashings of metallic industrial madness this … Read More ›

future death

Future Death – Special Victim

Future Death Special Victim Bloodmoss Records ★★ Listening to Special Victim is like trying to have sex with a grizzly bear. The cacophony of punk, speed metal and abstract avant garde meddling all blend together into a hallucinatory garbage can, slopped around and scooped up for the masses to regurgitate. … Read More ›


Epistasis – Light Through Dead Glass

Epistasis Light Through Dead Glass Crucial Blast ★★★★ What is considered a mini album for this Maryland-based experimental extreme band, the follow-up to 2012 self-titled endeavor is a thunderous blow to anyone’s perception of what extremist measures can be. The notes are excruciating to convey just how impacting they can … Read More ›

Post Everything album cover by Weekend

Weeknight – Post Everything

Weeknight Post Everything Artificial Records ★★★★ Weeknight is a professed love for the Darkwave that is happening down dimly-lit New York City streets. And I cannot think of a better monument to the community than Post Everything. This is a band name I absolutely love! It makes a statement to … Read More ›