3Teeth album cover

Album Review: 3Teeth

3Teeth—3Teeth AOF165 Link: Bandcamp Los Angeles—a wasteland of sleazy noir, broken dreams, and surrealistic strangeness. Wrap your brain around these agoraphobic after hours of plastic numbness, and it seems like a perfect place for a band like 3Teeth to manifest. Tinted in the Euro lashings of metallic industrial madness this … Read More ›

ambarchi O'malley dunn on selective memory

Ambarchi, O’Malley, Dunn – Shade Themes from Kairos Review

Ambarchi, O’Malley, Dunn – Shade Themes From Kairos (Drag City) ★★★★★ An incoming storm approaches. The voices run at random bursts from a metronome. It’s like a haunting shadow of the city. “The Space Between” is everything that encompases this trio and an experience that surrounds Shade Themes From Kairos. … Read More ›

Life Gives and Life Takes album cover by The Generators

The Generators – Life Gives-Life Takes

The Generators Life Gives-Life Takes Randale Records ★★★★ For decades The Generators have been churning out some of the most relevant and iconic music in the annals of punk history. For their 10th album, they are returning to the sound and style that gave them the fuel to have this … Read More ›

future death

Future Death – Special Victim

Future Death Special Victim Bloodmoss Records ★★ Listening to Special Victim is like trying to have sex with a grizzly bear. The cacophony of punk, speed metal and abstract avant garde meddling all blend together into a hallucinatory garbage can, slopped around and scooped up for the masses to regurgitate. … Read More ›


Epistasis – Light Through Dead Glass

Epistasis Light Through Dead Glass Crucial Blast ★★★★ What is considered a mini album for this Maryland-based experimental extreme band, the follow-up to 2012 self-titled endeavor is a thunderous blow to anyone’s perception of what extremist measures can be. The notes are excruciating to convey just how impacting they can … Read More ›

Wild Crush album cover by Archie Bronson Outfit

Archie Bronson’s Outfit – Wild Crush

Archie Bronson’s Outfit Wild Crush Domino ★★★ The immediate attraction to Archie Bronson’s Outfit is that on Wild Crush, they are psychedelic without being overtly psychedelic. They are pop without being overtly pop. And these songs are infectious with being overtly infectious. Even though it was somewhat of a bummer … Read More ›

Post Everything album cover by Weekend

Weeknight – Post Everything

Weeknight Post Everything Artificial Records ★★★★ Weeknight is a professed love for the Darkwave that is happening down dimly-lit New York City streets. And I cannot think of a better monument to the community than Post Everything. This is a band name I absolutely love! It makes a statement to … Read More ›

Holy Vacants album cover by Trophy Scars

Trophy Scars – Holy Vacant

Trophy Scars Holy Vacant Monotreme Records ★★★ New Jersey post-hardcore outfit Trophy Scars have a lot of battle wounds to share with a knack for taking those wounds to an elevated effort and into a project that succumbs to lot of pressure and drive to succeed. What comes out of … Read More ›