Suburban Living

Suburban Living—How To Be Human

Philly’s Suburban Living Releases their Best Album Yet Suburban Living How To Be Human Egghunt Records Links: Official Site | Bandcamp | Egghunt Records It’s not that it has been over three years since Suburban Living conceptualized new material, it’s that it’s been over three years since Suburban Living dropped … Read More ›


Deserta – Black Aura My Sun

Deserta Black Aura My Sun Felte Records Links: Official Site | Felte Records Black Aura My Sun is a reaction. In 2017, he found out that he was going to be a father. The overwhelming joy from the news and contemplation of bringing a human into this world became a … Read More ›

Be Forest on Selective Memory

Album Review: Be Forest – Knocturne

Be Forest Knocturne We Were Never Being Boring Collective ★★★★ To walk into Be Forest’s Knocturne is like walking into a journey of the unknown. A foggy daze of magic, this collective conscious of harmonic guitar duality and shimmering vocals sends chills down your back. The mystery of the group’s … Read More ›

Down Town Album Cover by Young Galaxy

Young Galaxy – Down Time

Young Galaxy Down Time Independent ★★★★ The big news in the Young Galaxy camp is that Down Time is their first fully independent album. The more important news is that this is called by the band a reinvention. Stemming from a punk spirit, they have incorporated a sense of cultural … Read More ›


Cotillon – Cotillon

Cotillon Cotillon Burger Records ★★★ Jordan Corso loves his bedroom pop project Cotillon. It began as a means to self-satisfy a need surrounded by the Los Angeles skyline. But show after show after show, the popularity for his music only self-released on his Bandcamp page, turned into a serious relationship … Read More ›

Woman's Hour

Woman’s Hour – Conversations (Album Review)

Woman’s Hour Conversations Secretly Canadian Links: Facebook | Secretly Canadian Watching the video to the title track is a strange experience. You go through many emotions and much like the cover artwork, it’s monochromatic features hypnotically transfer over to video. Most of the time is spent using angles and points … Read More ›

Farewell Young Lovers album cover from Crushed Stars

Crushed Stars – Farewell Young Lovers

Crushed Stars Farewell Young Lovers Similacra Records ★★★★★ It’s snowing . . . again. It has been off and on for weeks now. Some nights are worse than others. Right now, it’s a culmination of snow falling from the sky and snow being wistfully blown around forming drifts. The cold … Read More ›

Upstairs Downstairs—Self-Titled

With a solidified lineup, Upstairs Downstairs focuses on the band’s musical charms Upstairs Downstairs Self-Titled 20 Sided Dice Link: 20 Sided Records A band that started out as a community stays communal, no matter how structured they get. Upstairs Downstairs is not named after the British TV show (although maybe … Read More ›