Deserta – Black Aura My Sun

Black Aura My Sun
Felte Records

Deserta on Selective Memory

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Black Aura My Sun is a reaction. In 2017, he found out that he was going to be a father. The overwhelming joy from the news and contemplation of bringing a human into this world became a panorama of ideas and motivation to write songs based on this experience. This debut for Deserta is a kaleidoscope of dimensional textures filled with shoegaze-like fantasies and wispful bedroom pop daydreams.

When you listen to “I Will Be Gone” deep into the release, the choir of layered synths and chiming guitars blends like the heavens opening up. Doty just keeps adding depth within the song that ends up being this grandiose symphony of a vapor-trailed electronic odyssey. The music stays with you for a moment before dissipating into a contemplative person space.

“Be So Blue” is not the fireworks we heard on “I Will Be Gone,” yet it is an outstretched alternative gaze into transcendental idealism. You just want to lay amongst the grass and stare up at the sky. Doty’s voice is a gorgeous fascination of lullaby-like tonage that makes you feel a new level of bliss. Best described, this song is like a happy memory.

Song titles like these are not exactly cause for celebration. Yet there is “Paradiso.” The song is a flotation device for your mind. Time and space become diluted and this oasis is a beacon of haunting beauty. Doty stretches out words to blur reality. What this song does is give us hope and to be inspired by his confidence to create a landscape of wonderment.

There is so much that feels familiar like a warm memory while so much is about discovery. Doty’s child has every right to hold these songs near and dear to their heart as the listener can associate and make these songs theirs.

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