The Good The Bad And The Zugly

The Good The Bad And The Zugly – Algorithm & Blues

The Good The Bad And The Zugly
Algorithm & Blues
Fysisk Format

The Good The Bad And The Ugly on Selective Memory

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I have a soft spot for The Good The Bad and The Zugly because their punk rock and metal sarcasm points to kindred spirits Turbonegro. Yet receiving a Norwegian Grammy for their previous album, Misanthropical House, it’s the championship belt they deserve for simply being chaotic and not archaic. Not like Turbonegro is archaic; they funneled rock and roll into a turbulence of rock and roll excess still progressive today. The Norwegian group looks at rock and roll like a joy ride of amphetamines and reckless car chases through the Hollywood Hills. And for their fourth release, Algorithm & Blues, you can expect a whole lotta exclamation points after “We told you so!!!!”

The AC/DC folly at the beginning of the album ridicules the rock Gods. “It’s not where you have been, it’s where you are going,” or so the saying goes. The big rock buildup condenses into a fiery blaze of a punk brawl. No one gets out alive.

Algorithm & Blues is noisy as fuck and theatrically cataclismic. “Fake Noose” is a finger pointed right back at you, and I don’t blame them for calling out society’s pettiness. “Corporate Rock” stays on task. Am I going to walk away being a better person for this? No, but I sure do enjoy the bruises.

I was hoping “What Have You Done For Me Lately” was a cover of Janet Jackson’s hit, but that would be too easy. The song is more of a shouting match of hyper-realism than turning an ‘80s pop song into a muddy mess. The song is a fist of fury. It’s all kindling for the igniting of “The Kids Are Alt-Right.” This may be the most poignant song on the album.

The album burns fast and hard but that comes as no surprise. There is an expectation when it comes to The Good The Bad and The Zugly’s music. Algorithm & Blues builds upon that fury.

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