Bravo Delta on Selective Memory

Album Review: Bravo Delta – Unbreakable

Bravo Delta

Bravo Delta on Selective Memory

When guitarist Andy Ingraham revs it up with a tinted echo in his finger tapping, you immediately recognize that Bravo Delta’s latest album Unbreakable is an ear opener. The Las Vegas band has taken the strength of vibrant urban extravagance and channeled it into 13 ass kicking rock songs. I don’t think the band touches the ground once.

The title track is a song that funnels humanist pop constructions at the surface and digs in with layered depth. Each member’s ability to perform at 110 percent gives you the inspiration to react to their level of professionalism. Even more so on “Fire,” Brandon Davis’ can sing with mystery as much as the chorus carries confidence. The fire is in Davis’ vocal chords, and you, as the listener, cannot help but relate.

Bravo Delta – Unbreakable (Official Music Video)

These songs have been well thought out and carefully planned. Unbreakable sends us on a metaphysical rock journey. It sheds so many feelings about the human self. And thanks to the band’s consistency we get one roaring song after another.

The album gets interesting when the intense “Sleepless Dream” becomes a factor. It’s crafted as an interlude to “Karma,” but the song portrays instrumental prowess crafting new worlds. And about “Karma?” The song’s musical punctuation is a question mark. Davis taking absolution and develops a philosophy based on human experience. It’s the best thing Bravo Delta can do.

There is a lot to take in. As a listener, there is also a lot to think about and breath out. Bravo Delta’s work is everything rock fantasies are made of while never being superficial about it. I would hope the song “Modus Operandi” becomes one of the band’s iconic work. The song is everything Bravo Delta has built up. And that solo! It bends reality of it all and offers sheer gale force power rock. It’s futurism is in the speed.

Pair them between Nothing More and Red Sun Rising and that indicator can gauge where this album sits. Now if you will excuse me, it’s time to rock!

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