Gravity Pairs Album Cover by Beacon

Beacon – Gravity Pairs

Gravity Pairs
Ghostly International

There is a blurring notion between romanticizing electronic music and culminating a spiritual connection through sound. They both go hand in hand as linear motion formulates Beacon’s latest release. Gravity Pairs  is late night truths pushing forward in some instances while pulling back in others. The duo felt that initial push and pull during the writing process of songs like “Losing My Mind.”

The song was originally written on piano. Propagated into a bigger arrangement, the song finalized through the realization of a core purity in its original piano composition. There is a prowess of beauty and light embedded in human fragility within Thomas Mullarney III’s lyrics. What we feel is more contemplation than desperation and within the framework of the album, it is part of a grand scheme that there is a higher power controlling its destiny. Nothing demonstrates this more than “The Road.” Layers of loops expand and strengthen as they progress. We know there is a destination within the song’s philosophy, but the journey can seem unpredictable, exciting and sometimes frightening. Beacon does an amazing job at succeeding through these emotions.

Beacon – Be My Organ Music Video

“Fields” descends into a level of darkness, a direction that utilizes effect rather than complexion. A bass pulse permeates the orb of a dancefloor and the night sparkles. There is nothing more perfect than this moment. To bask in this glory is to realize that Beacon never abuses a feeling, using restraint just to propel humanism at the right time.

But like most of this album, the somberness is Gravity Pairs’ attraction. “On Ice” exists in the hues of blues and greens, Mularney sings as if he’s seducing someone under the Northern Lights, relying on the movement of space and time to be a reminder of life on this planet; soulfulness through futurism within the cosmos.

Gravity Pairs exists on a parallel level of the Beacon universe, extrapolating an aura unlike their other releases while keeping the duo’s mantra front and center. From within, there is discovery to be made.

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