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New Album and Tour Takes The Crystal Method Back to the Future

The Crystal Method Unleashes New Album and Tour with a Stop at The Vogue in Indianapolis, November 2

There are albums we cite as being essential to an experience. These concept albums we hold dear to us like religion. Maybe it is Dark Side of the Moon. Maybe it’s Ziggy Stardust. Maybe it’s U.F.Orb.

These are just a few examples to the grandiose list of albums you have to savor from front to back. These are albums that take you on a journey. The music gives you determination, delves you into internal situations you may not feel comfortable to face in real life, it may just be your enlightenment. Scott Kirkland sends you on that trip with The Crystal Method’s latest release.

The Crystal Method on Selective Memory

On The Trip Home, this concept album is an electronic dreamscape that through equipment and experience, we zoom through an aural perception of electronic music history while propelling us into the future. And to accentuate the work, The Crystal Method is embarking on a North American tour that lands at The Vogue in Indianapolis on November 2, garnering support from Rudy Kizer and Kid Delicious & CyberJive.

With Kirkland the only one left at the knobs (Ken Jordan retired from the music business in 2016), he has teamed up with Le Castle Vania to produce the album. Instead of searching for an identity, Kirkland uses The Trip Home as a travelogue of songwriting that presents itself as a time warp. What led him through the streets of Vegas to the underground clubs of L.A. and the light streaks of time in between propels his influences into a futuristic wonderland.

Every song tells a story, be it worshipping at the temple of the Arp 2600 with “Holy Arp” or using the Roland Jupiter 6 on “Turbulence.” We become weightless when everything drops out and all we are left is ambient bliss.

The Crystal Method – The Raze

From “The Raze” To “Ghost in the City,” the songs are filled with an underbelly of glistening street reflections that shoot far into the night.

“The Raze” revs up the album through a darkness that screams urban noir. It’s like a Hammer horror film set in the 25th Century. “Ghost in the City” lies at the heart of the album. Amy Kirkpatrick’s sultry vocals within Le Castle Vania’s original vision builds a dizzying reality of haunting uncertainty. “I’ve been wondering why you have been on my mind lately,” she sings. Her voice exposes a certain degree of internal fragility that is frightening and exciting all in the same breath.

The Crystal Method Returns to the Lab LA

Expect a higher level of accentuation to Kirkland big beat antics within his DJ set. If the above Mixmag performance is any indication of The Crystal Method’s tour, get ready for a thrill ride.

The trip home will be your self letting go as a rich and vivid career of sound dissects vision and history into something anew. With one of their greatest achievements, The Crystal Method seems to only be getting started.

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