silvertung on selective memory

Album Review: Silvertung – (But, At What Cost?)

But, At What Cost?
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silvertung on selective memory

Now is the perfect time for Silvertung to cut loose and open up the hard rock pistons. Knowing what this band is capable of, (But, At What Cost?) is flexed rock muscle well documented. Through the years, hard work and persistence helped gain momentum, and this album is the proof.

From chart-topping hits like “You & Me” and “Face The Music” to an all acoustic recording affair, the band is ready to, once again, rock. There is no filler on this album only hard-hitting finesse. Each song is equally meaty in volume. And Speed’s roaring vocals puts an immediate tone of action into each word.

You can pluck out any of these songs and they feel just as important. There is viability in the message of “Feel Inhuman.” Things are not quite right inside and this song is the band’s therapy. From stomping power rhythms to straight line solos, this is guitar rock at its finest.

Silvertung – Done My Best

The pudding is in the production. A lot of care was taken into accentuating the value of each member. Teaming up again with Stephen Wright (Slipknot, Rihanna, Mars Volta), he is as much a member of this band working behind the scenes. “Wise Up” is a great rock song on the surface encompassing the power of the band as a group. But Wright’s production skills amplifies the band’s sound into super power rock territory.

They end the album with a single, taking the listener out with a straightforward rock and roll tornado. The force of the song’s backbone will blow back your hair. But it’s a nice display where each member puts their mark on an example of a well-rounded album.

(But, At What Cost?) is a quick jaunt. Not one song makes it to the four minute mark. Yet, the more I listen to it, the more I crave it.

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