The Faim Comes To Indy

The Faim’s Music Presents an Endless Summer of Pop Spunk as they Make a Stop at the Emerson Theater in Indianapolis

You know that feeling you get when you hear a song that defines a moment? That moment is The Faim’s “Summer is a Curse.” And their moment is now. The Perth band’s organic beginnings led them to develop a strong work ethic in the intense Australian music environment. Through happenstance, they discovered an Instagram post from John Feldmann that landed them a cross-Pacific flight to Los Angeles to record under his wing.

With the help of several co-writers, including Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, Mark Hoppus of blink-182, Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots, and Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer, the band comprised immediate pop rock hits like “Saints of the Sinners” and “Midland Line.” Through defiance in tone and perseverance in their demeanor, The Faim will join the ranks of Fall Out Boy, Walk The Moon, and Panic at the Disco.

The band makes a stop in Indianapolis on November 18, at the Emerson Theater. They will be supporting Hands Like Houses. Bassist and keyboardist, Stephen Beerkens, talks about the EP, the recent video work and current tour.

The Faim – Summer is a Curse Music Video

Interview with Stephen Beerkens

“Summer is a Curse” is one catchy pop rock song. Tell me how that EP came together? Why an EP instead of a full length?

The EP is comprised of the 6 songs that we feel encapsulate who we are as a band. It was recorded and produced in the studio with John Feldmann and taught us a lot about songwriting and expressing the deepest parts of ourselves through music. We chose to do an EP instead of a full length as we want to take our time to release our first ever album and make it the very best we can. We’re constantly growing as musicians as we continue to tour the world on this EP, and it’s this experience which will be a huge influence on the writing of the album.

Videos are a large part of the band’s dichotomy. Tell me about the making of “Summer is a Curse” versus “Saints of the Sinners”?

The “Summer is a Curse” music video tells a story with amazing scenery in the band shots; whereas “Saints of the Sinners” is directed more towards showcasing the essence of our live performance. We try to show a different part of the band in each video.

Being from Perth, how has the Australian music scene in that part of the country helped shape the band? What elements of Perth help define The Faim?

One of the biggest things that living in Perth has done for us is giving us the drive to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Because the city is so isolated, we’ve always pushed ourselves and worked hard so that music could allow us to see the rest of the world.

When you were invited to Los Angeles by John Feldman, what was your reaction? What did this mean for the band?

We were so excited to hit the studio with John, but also nervous at the same time. It was such a huge step for us a band, as it was an opportunity that could completely change the rest of our lives.

What did you learn from the making of Summer is a Curse (EP)?

We learned to write from a place that is most personal to us. All these songs are written about a time, place or experience in our lives that we draw inspiration from.

The Faim – Saints and Sinners Music Video

Tell me about the 2019 World Tour. What is different than in past tours?

It’s different in that way that it’s our first ever headline tour! We can’t wait to finally play a collection of headline shows around the world to the amazing people that we’ve met in this past year, and also new people who will be seeing us for the first time.

You are on the eve of your first U.S. tour. What are your expectations with the tour and teaming up with Hands Like Houses? How are you going to swoon U.S. fans?

We’re so excited for our first ever U.S. tour, and can’t wait to meet the Hands Like Houses boys. We’ll swoon the U.S. fans by simply being ourselves onstage. What you see is what you get with us, and that’s what we’ve found connects with people the most.

Will this tour help springboard the band into a future headlining position? The number results of streaming songs and reaction on social media indicates that you are on your way to do so.

We sure hope so! Regardless of the outcome, we’ll work just as hard to make the most of this tour as we possibly can.

What do you have planned after the 2019 world tour? Are you working on new material? What can we expect for future plans? What would you like to see happen?

You can expect many exciting things to happen after the 2019 world tour! New music, new shows and much more!

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